Many physicists today postulate the existence of multiple universes, even when sober. We used to live in a world of infinite possibilities. Now we live in an infinite number of worlds. India shines. Democracy thrives. The economy booms. A hundred flyovers bloom. This is not that India. If you see your picture here one day, don’t worry. That’s not you.


Shide post pitai

In what analysts have described as a ‘terrible setback for VIP security’, ninety seven tribal youth infiltrated the Home Ministry early this morning, and administered a sound thrashing to Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde. This was after Mr Shinde explained the government’s lack of response to recent protests by saying, “If tomorrow hundred adivasis are killed in Gadchiroli or Chattisgarh, should the government go there? No.”

In response, a group of tribal youths took the train to Delhi immediately. “There were originally one hundred of us,” said a tribal youth, “But three of us were arrested as suspected Maoists. This is absolutely untrue. None of us are Maoists. We can’t afford the uniforms.”

The Home Minister is currently having balm applied to his forehead by Sonia Gandhi. She had earlier promoted Shinde, as a reward for seven years of outstanding work at the power ministry, culminating in a complete collapse of the Northern India grid. She is considering transferring him back, as the tribal youth will find it harder to find him in the dark. Meanwhile, doctors have described his prognosis as ‘extremely robust.’

“Although he was beaten severely, he has recovered with remarkable speed,” said one of them. “We suspect this not the first time he has been beaten up by members of the public.”


  1. moderndayruth
    December 31, 2012

    Ughh… many officials i guess wouldn’t do too well in reality, if the public could actually reach them… one “wonders” howcome is that?! 😉

  2. toemailer
    December 31, 2012

    pesky public people! 🙂

  3. T K Pradhan
    December 31, 2012

    Shovon is back with a vengeance!! Shovon, If u ever float a political party with one point menifesto of starting a Ministry of Humor in Govt. of India, My vote, for whatever it is worth 🙂 , is promised to u.

  4. kayemofnmyk
    January 1, 2013

    If only. Still, enjoyed that!

  5. Ashish Singh
    January 1, 2013

    Ha Ha Ha!!!!! Hilarious….:) None of us are Maoists. We can’t afford the uniforms. 😀 😀

  6. sudiptapikuroy
    January 2, 2013


  7. Saru (@SaruSinghal)
    January 2, 2013

    LOL! Even I would have joined the group, not for the comment but for what he did to Northern Grid. The electricity is a visiting faculty in our homes 😀

    Wish you a happy new year Sir.

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