Many physicists today postulate the existence of multiple universes, even when sober. We used to live in a world of infinite possibilities. Now we live in an infinite number of worlds. India shines. Democracy thrives. The economy booms. A hundred flyovers bloom. This is not that India. If you see your picture here one day, don’t worry. That’s not you.

Ask Uncle


Dear Uncle,

The candidates for prime minister are not to my liking. Is immigration a good option?

Regards, Charandas Chaurasia, Varanasi


Dear Mr Chaurasia,

There have been very few times in the history of India when immigration has not been a good option. This is why there are so many Indians all over world. Reception has been mixed. Generally we get beaten up a lot.  If you are married, avoid Saudi Arabia. Your wife will be upset, and your marriage may suffer. Of course, recently they have allowed women to ride bicycles, but overall, the situation is not good. I believe Sweden is very nice, although the cuisine may not suit you. In France, the cuisine is very good, but the people may not suit you.

USA is always a good choice, but their preference is for scientists and comedians. In case you are a man of science with a sense of humour, you should apply for a visa immediately. Make sure they do not mistake you for a Pakistani. We are totally different, but they do not seem to understand that.

I, too, am finding both choices for prime minister unpleasant. Once you reach your destination, if the outlook is favourable, kindly do inform me. I may join you. Other countries also need Uncles.

Bon Voyage! Uncle

6 comments on “Ask Uncle

  1. ZinalBhadra
    April 10, 2013

    haha 🙂
    I have recently moved to NZ uncle and you can contact me if you want some more info 😛

  2. Rambler
    April 11, 2013

    How about “Uncle for PM” ? And yes, a very persuasive post. I am almost ready to pack my bags and follow !! 🙂

  3. Louisa's Writer
    April 15, 2013

    There is always a warm welcome in Canada – if you can handle winter till June.

    • Nikhil
      June 28, 2013

      Warm welcome in winter… sounds cozy!

  4. vinoo
    June 30, 2013

    we have confusion between emigration and immigration. Lady sonia has been the choice due to ‘immigration’ into india and as stated , has not been a good choice.
    emigration to usa /canda sounds ok despite confusion with the lot from north of
    Sir Crick who can’t play as good cricket or cook our cuisine despite being of same family stock thro’ ages!

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